Return and Refund

While the arts Crafts & threading industry standard has been not to allow returns or refunds, we're different! We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We understand problems occasionally occur with orders and deliveries. We also understand that sometimes customers change their mind. Our commitment is to provide the best, hassle-free resolution we can. There are of course some conditions which apply to this policy so we encourage you to read the specifics detailed below and in the links to the right.

As an alternative, you may exchange your costume purchase using our Free Exchange Program


If you purchase an item online on this website and are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item to us within 10 days for a refund of the cost of the merchandise. This includes orders that are placed online


Please read this section carefully to make sure you understand what our refund and return policy is. If you don't understand this policy, we urge you not to proceed with your purchase and instead, contact our Customer Care department to get your questions answered.

This return policy applies to items purchased on this website
AMAZON CUSTOMERS. If you placed an order on and wish to initiate a return, please login to your AMAZON.COM account to request an RMA. We cannot issue an RMA on our website for an order that was originally purchased on Amazon requires the RMA be done through their system.


The item(s) must be received at our Distribution Center warehouse within 15 days from the day you originally received the item from us. SORRY, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The item(s) being returned must be accompanied by a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number obtained from our website (To obtain an RMA number, Click Here).
Item(s) should be returned to us via a traceable shipping method (e.g. shipped via UPS ) with delivery confirmation (and all shipping costs pre-paid).
Item(s) being returned are subject to the Product Eligibility Criteria as stated below.


The following items are NEVER returnable:

Special Ordered Items, Orders for Personalized Items, Volume / Bulk Discounted Orders.
Close out or clearance sale items which appear in our 'Clearance Corner' and/or are marked as a SALE item.
Any item that specifically states it cannot be returned in the product description or product information page.
Gift Cards or Credit Vouchers
Items that have been partially refunded under the terms of our Price Guarantee.
All items are returnable IF they are in their un-opened and un-blemished original manufacturer's packaging such that the item(s) can be re-sold in new condition:
If you purchase any of the above listed items it is important you look at the item carefully to make sure it is what you ordered before opening the factory packaging. Once the packaging is opened, we cannot accept a return for the item.SORRY, NO EXCEPTIONS.
All items are eligible to be returned provided they are in new condition, are not missing any items/pieces, are returned with the original manufacturer's packaging intact (in new condition) and have not been worn, used, altered or show signs of any wear. In all cases we reserve the right to assess a up to 50% restocking fee. shall make the sole determination as to whether or not an item qualifies under the terms of this guarantee (including whether or not we will assess up to 50% restocking fee).
If an item is returned and falls outside the above criteria, we reserve the right to reject the return completely OR subject it to a up to 50% handling and restocking charge. Orders that are refused for delivery will be subject to a up to 50% handling and restocking charge. Note too that refunds are issued for the price of the merchandise ONLY and only on the credit card account number used to make the original purchase. We will not refund shipping or handling charges either direction. The only exception is in a situation where we made an error in fulfillment by shipping the wrong item.
If a refund is denied based on the above criteria, we will not automatically return the item to you. Items that are denied a refund are only returned to the customer if the customer authorizes us to charge their credit card for applicable UPS return shipping fees. Otherwise, items that are not claimed within thirty (30) days will be discarded or donated depending upon the condition.
If you have any questions as to what our refund and return policy means and how it applies to your purchase, we urge you to contact our Customer Care department before making your purchase.


During the busy season of September - November it can take 4-6 weeks to process a return. If you are returning an item during this time period, please do not expect your refund to be issued instantly once we receive it. Each item has to be carefully examined to make sure it meets the above criteria. Your account will be updated with the refund information once we have processed your return and issued the credit


Returns are accepted only if accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) issued by us. It is important to follow these instructions to obtain an RMA number. Once we receive your return item, we will issue a refund in accordance with our refund/return policies. If you are returning an item because of a size issue, please make sure you check the costume itself and not rely on the label on the outside packaging. It is not unusual for a manufacturer to use the same labeling/packaging for all size costumes. In addition, it is possible that the size of the costume is correct while the package labeling is incorrect.

Note: If you received the wrong item do not request an RMA without first contacting us for instructions


If you need to return an item, here's the process

Log in to your account on our website. You can do so by Clicking Here.
Choose the order number that applies to the item you wish to return.
Click on the corresponding "Initiate Return" Link for the item. (Note that if the "Initiate Return" link isn't clickable, the return period for that item has expired and the item can no longer be returned.)
Next, choose the quantity (if applicable) you wish to return.
Select a reason from the drop down box as to why you are returning this item..
Review the information you have selected and assuming it is correct, click on the "Submit Button".
You will be presented with a page that confirms receipt of your RMA request.
Once we have reviewed your request (typically within one business day or less of when you submit your request), you will receive an email with the RMA number and return address instructions. The email will also contain a link to account which will display the RMA Confirmation Page. You can also access this information from within your account by logging into your account.
Print out two copies of the Return Confirmation page (with the RMA number on it). One copy is for your records and one copy is to be included with the item you are returning. You can always access the RMA Confirmation Page from within your account by logging into your account, clicking on the order number and then clicking on the RMA Number link. You will be presented with the RMA Confirmation Page which you can print out.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive a copy of this confirmation page via email. it is IMPORTANT to keep the email as it contains all of the information you need to complete your return. The Return Confirmation page is provided simply as a courtesy to assist customers in returning their item. Although we recommend doing so, it is not essential that you print this page out and include a copy with your returned item as long as the RMA number is clearly visible on the outside of the package AND written inside with your returned item(s).
For information on what to do if you've lost or misplaced your RMA information click here.
Our return shipping address will be listed on the confirmation page along with return shipping information. You must use this address and only this address.
The items you are returning must be received by us within 10 days of when you received the item. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Items must be returned via a traceable method with delivery confirmation. We suggest using UPS or Federal Express. If you return the item without a means to track the delivery, and we don't receive the item package, we will not be responsible for refunding the order if we cannot verify receipt of the item.
The RMA number we issue is good for a maximum of 10 days. It must be written clearly on the outside of the shipping box and inside the package with your return item(s).
Returns are typically processed within a week of when we receive the item from you. During refund process can take three to four weeks. We only refund the price of the merchandise (exclusive of shipping and handling) unless we shipped the wrong item to you (if this is the case, click here for details of the process.). Before sending the item back to us, make sure you have reviewed our Product Eligibility Criteria to make sure the item you are returning can be returned.


Missing, Wrong or Damaged Item(s)?

While we try hard to be perfect, we are only human. Sometimes we make mistakes in the fulfillment of orders. Other times the merchandise may be missing pieces/parts or may be damaged during the shipping process. In these situations we want to do everything we can to fix the problem as quickly as possible. If there is a problem with your order, please follow these instructions for the fastest possible resolution.
The very first step is to notify us in writing that something is wrong with the order you received. You do this by clicking the below link and completing the form. Be sure to select the appropriate reason describing what is wrong with your order. It is very important to select the proper reason code as we place a priority on responding to these communication types. When responding, be sure to include your order number, your name and the specifics of what exactly is wrong with the order. The more detailed, the better.
Depending upon what is wrong with the order, the item(s) you ordered and the time of year, we may be able to fix the problem quickly. In other cases that may not be possible. The customer service representative responding to your communication will let you know what we can do and the time frame in which we can do it. Regardless, we will respond promptly to your written communication — typically within one business day or less.
Please email us immediately
Please Note: Claims for damaged orders, wrong items received or missing items must be made in writing within ten (10) days of receipt of your order. If you allow more than 10 days to go by after receiving your order before inspecting it and notifying us, we're unable to assist.


No Cancellations. No Changes. Orders on our website are automatically processed and transferred to our distribution center for picking, packing and shipping within seconds of when you click the "Confirm Order" button. This is particularly critical during the months of September and October when we receive literally thousands of orders per day and need to get them out to meet shipping time frames and customer commitments. Pulling, stopping or suspending orders once they have reached our distribution center would require that we halt the processing of all orders submitted during that time period thus delaying all orders and negatively impacting other customers. For this reason we have a strict NO CHANGES, NO CANCELLATIONS policy.

Please Review Your Order Carefully Before Confirming. If you make an error or you want to cancel or alter your order after you click the CONFIRM ORDER button, we CANNOT stop the order from shipping . You’ll need to receive the order and then return it (in accordance with our return policy) for a refund. We are unable to refund your cost of shipping and handling if you decide you do not want an order after it has been sent to our warehouse for processing. Note too orders that are refused upon delivery will incur a up to 50% restocking fee.
To summarize, once you click the "Confirm Order" button and your order is in the "Processing" Status:

We cannot cancel, delete or otherwise stop the order even if you only placed the order a few minutes ago.
We cannot alter your "Ship To" address.
We cannot add items to your order.
We cannot remove items from your order.
We cannot change the size selection of your order.
We cannot change the color selection of your order.
PLEASE REVIEW YOUR ORDER! We strongly suggest you take an extra minute to carefully review your order before clicking the "Confirm Order" button. Make sure you have selected the correct shipping method, the correct "Ship To" address and have confirmed you want the items (check sizes, styles, quantities and colors) in your shopping cart.


Promised Delivery Dates: For most locations in the United States we are able to offer a Promised Delivery Date for each available delivery method. This Promised Delivery Date is the latest date we will deliver your order. These shipping options and promised delivery dates are presented to you during the checkout process. If we fail to meet this delivery date we will refund your shipping costs in accordance with our policies. Promised Delivery Dates are not available for international orders.

Estimated Delivery Dates: For more remote locations, territories, APO/FPO and PO Boxes we are only able to provide an estimated delivery date. While our estimates are usually accurate, we cannot guarantee your order will arrive within the estimated time frame.
Most shipping methods offered are traceable with a tracking number. We do however offer First Class Mail (orders weighing under 15 ounces) which is not a traceable method with a tracking number.


Shipping Refunds: Shipping refunds for missed promised delivery dates are issued in the form of a credit voucher which can be used to make a purchase on this website. Vouchers are good for one year from the date of issue and are not transferrable. Requests for shipping refunds due to a missed promised delivery date must be made in writing using this link. Be sure to select the 'Missed Promised Delivery Date' option from the drop down box.

Exceptions: Shipping refunds will be issued for missed promised delivery dates unless the reason for the delay is due to situations beyond our control, including but not limited to carrier rescheduling, invalid / incorrect / incomplete ship-to address provided by customer, bill-to / ship-to address differences resulting in phone confirmation delays, failed delivery attempts, inclement weather, and natural or manmade disasters.


Most carriers will make up to three attempts to deliver a package. It is typically up to the driver's discretion to determine whether a signature is required (packages shipped via air almost always require a signature). If the driver feels it is best to obtain a signature and no one is present to accept the delivery after three attempts, the package will be returned to us. In those cases, we will not re-ship. We will however issue a refund for the cost of the merchandise less a up to 50% restocking fee.


Free Exchange Program is offered for costumes purchased online at savedollarstores.com3 where sizing issues are a factor. Eligible items include costumes and shoes. Our Free Exchange Program does not extend to non-costume purchases (e.g. props, makeup, decorations, accessories)

Our Free Exchange Program is not available for orders shipped outside the continental United States.
Exchange request must be made within 5 days of the date you received your order.
Exchange Code is valid for five (5) days and will work only for the email address associated with the original purchase. Exchange Code is not transferable and may not be combined with additional coupon discounts.
The exchange purchase must be made within 5 days (or less) of when the Exchange Code is issued and the exchange purchase must be of equal or greater merchandise value (less applicable discounts) as the original item being returned for exchange.
Free Exchange Program offers free ground shipping for the returned item and the new item purchased as the exchange. You may elect to upgrade your shipping method at an additional cost.
A maximum of three (3) items per order may be returned for an exchange.
The return shipping method chosen for your exchanged item must be via a traceable shipping method offered by UPS, FedEX or USPS where an online verifiable tracking number is provided.
Shipping refund of $7.99 will be issued to the bank card payment method you used to make your exchange purchase. Shipping refund will be issued within two (2) business days or less of the date we're able to verify that your return shipment is in transit via UPS, FedEX or USPS. As an option, you may elect to receive a $10 credit voucher which can be used for a future purchase made online at
If a return tracking number isn't provided within 5 days of the date the Exchange Code was issued, we assume you wish to keep your original item and the shipping refund will be cancelled.
If an item that was purchased as an exchange is returned for a refund, the $7.99 shipping credit will be deducted from the amount of the refund.
The returned item(s) shipped back to us for the exchange must meet our Return Policy requirements (e.g. in new condition available to be re-sold). Returned items for an exchange are subject to the same terms and conditions as for those items returned for a refund.
If you have questions about our Free Exchange Program we urge you to contact Customer Care before making your purchase decision.
AMAZON CUSTOMERS. If you placed an order on and wish to initiate a return, please login to your Amazon account to request an RMA. We cannot issue an RMA on our website for an order that was originally purchased on Amazon requires the RMA be done through their system.