Top 20 Craft Machines & Tools Must Buy

Are you an aspiring crafter? Perhaps, you’re an expert crafter looking to take your work to next level? Maybe you enjoy wood burning? Or knitting is your thing? Whatever your craft choice may be, there’s nothing more satisfying than producing something with your hands! The only hard part is deciding what craft machines or tools to purchase. Fortunately, we are here to help.

At Save Dollar Stores, there is a lot of crafting supplies available in a number of categories such as general crafting tools, paper crafts, wood crafts, sewing and knitting supplies, andpaint tools, to name a few. Get ready to take your art to an advanced level by adding some unique supplies to your toolkit.

Self-Healing Mat: 

A self-healing mat usually protects your work surface. These come in handy for cutting out sewing projects. The mat reseals surface cuts, providing a continuous smooth surface for all your cutting projects.

Crop A Dile:

A crop-a-dile is an all-in-one tool for punching, setting, and snapping. Easy to use, it can effortlessly punch through any material including paper, fabric, metal, tin, chipboard, leather, plastic, wood, and more.

Set of Pliers:

Pliers are generally used for gripping, pulling, and clipping. Different types of plier sets are available including flat nose plier, round nose plier, long nose plier, wire twisting plier, locking plier, etc.

Glue Gun:

 Helping you create long lasting craft projects and household repairs, a glue gun is an absolute must have in any craft kit. Available in range of sizes and colors, it works on a variety of materials.

Paint Brushes:

Paint brushes are a must, especially for new crafters. Use them for normal, everyday painting or more detailed one. If you are working with oil, acrylic, or watercolor paints, having the correct brush unleashes your creative potential. A large collection of paint brushes is available at reasonable prices.


These are pretty much a basic tool for any household. Having a good pair of sharp scissors is important for every new crafter. A regular pair of scissors might not give you the best outcome, so a good pair of crafting scissors helps you achieve precision and perfection in your crafting projects.

Paper Cutter:

If you are into card making, journals, scrapbooking or album making, a paper cutter is an indispensable tool. These cutters are much more accurate and precise than a pair of scissors. You can easily cut up to 10 pages.


You can pretty much use tape on anything. Duct tape holds anything together and can be used for décor purposes too. Washi tape is great for gift wrapping and paper crafts. These are not only elegant but also stick well. Double-sided tape is best for hanging pictures or decoration, besides using as a 3D effect.


Make replicas of any design with stencils. You can recreate beautiful designs on a range of surfaces including paper, fabric, canvas, furniture, wall, glass, and more. You can also add new designs and flair to your scrapbooks, cards, and other similar projects.

Paint Palette:

The best way to hold paint colors, mix colors or separate small parts for paint projects is a paint palette. Besides, they come in handy while making small projects like jewelry projects, beading projects, etc.

Advanced Craft Machines

Cutting Machine:

If you are looking to work with thicker materials like acrylic, leather, wood or metal, you need a durable and robust cutting machine. These machines are user-friendly, helping you create endless projects.

Sewing Machine:

Sewing can be a wonderful hobby or extra source of income. If you have gotten into crafting recently, a sewing machine is a must-have and you can sew just about anything you want. Simply put, fabric can be added to any craft project effortlessly.

Cordless Drill:

If you hanging a DIY shelf or perhaps making a simple plant stand, a cordless drill is something you’ll be looking for. Besides, it’s easy and safe to use if follow instructions.

Embossing Machine:

To create the best embossing or debossing, you need a dedicated embossing machine. With beautiful embossed designs, you can create custom craft items like scrapbooks, name plates, envelopes, thank you notes, greeting cards, paper gift bags, signs and tags, etc.

Electric Engraver:

A perfect machine for engraving on any kind of metal. With a soft grip for extra comfort and control, you can easily make accurate markings on a variety of materials including wood, leather, plastic, and glass, to name a few.

Sticker Machine:

Without the right tool, making stickers can be a nightmare. This dedicated sticker machine helps you create long-lasting stickers with vibrant details. Not only can you create your own die-cut stickers in different shapes and sizes, but you can also add ink and effects for stylish labels.

Wood Burner Machine:

The art of wood burning is a perfect way to decorate woodwork projects. This wood burner detailer pen can be used for free hand wood burning or with stencils. It doesn’t give out flame, making it safe to use. It is ideal for working on soft wood like pine, balsa, etc.

Leather Branding Tool:

A perfect tool for leather crafters, add a personal touch to your leather goods with a leather branding tool. It grips like a pen and is easy to handle for precise detailed work. You can use this tool to decorate belts, jewelry, bags, and much more.


Having a good printer at your disposal is important in the crafting world. A good printer handles all kinds of crafting projects easily, from greeting cards and scrapbooking to paper crafts and professional pictures.


A laminator helps you keep your documents and craft projects safe for years to come. Comes in handy in different projects like baby mementos, recipe cards, paper dolls, planners, artwork, etc.

Here, at Save Dollar Stores, we are doing our best to bring people together through acts of kindness and safe deliveries of all art and craft essentials. Available at the lowest prices, any item(s) you purchase will be delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible, with no shipping charges. Yes, you read that right! FREE shipping to all 48 contiguous US states.

Happy Crafting!