SDS Sweepstakes Winner

Hello friends!!

Firstly, we whole heartedly thank you for your enthusiastic participation in Our Contest, where Darice Calla Lily Pick 7 Blooms and 3 Leaves and Darice Miniature Potted Red Roses were given for free grab!!

The candidates had to just Sign Up for Save Dollar Stores newsletter!! You were a part of the Sweepstake Contest, with no  purchase necessary !!

The Sweepstakes contest ended on 03/21/2019  and we have a lucky winner with us!!

We are delighted  to announce that Lucy Neyens is the lucky winner of  Sweepstake Contest and has won  Calla Lily Pick 7 Blooms and 3 Leaves and  Miniature Potted Red Roses.

Congratulations to our winner and Best Wishes for the future!!!