Scrapbooking is one of the favorite hobbies of many people. If you are one of those, then you are on the right page. If you are a first-time scrap booker, then also you are on the right page. We like to make scrapbooks but we are often confused as to how to go about it. Which tools we should use and how we can make our scrapbook look creative and exciting. Here, I will tell you all about this art of scrapbooking. I will also tell you about the cheapest scrapbook products and supplies and how you can procure them.
Scrapbooking has been a hobby since time immemorial of collecting memories in the form of snippets and photographs in a book. The collection might also include memorabilia, tickets, greeting cards, and sometimes even recipes!! Even today it is popular since it helps to keep memories of family and friends and documents activities and milestones creatively and interestingly.

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1. The base for your Scrapbook: 

You can choose between the cardstock and colored paper for your scrapbook. The acid-free cardstock is the best choice for your scrapbook because it can hold the weight of your pictures, embellishments, and more. Moreover, it won’t buckle with use over a period of time. Or you can select some nice colored paper for your scrapbook.

The most common cardstock size is 12*12 inches, though you can also choose from 8.5*11 inches and 6*6 inches. You can choose the cardstock by clicking here. We offer you a variety of colors from smooth white to various shades of glitter silks. The Distressed Collection has various shades from corduroy to lavender. You can also choose Textured Cardstocks as well as Shattered Collection from Kraft Core. Premium textured cardstock from Darice Coredinations is another happy choice for our customers.

Patterned Paper:

Patterned papers are available in a variety of themes, colors, and designs. You can choose your favorite from them. Your choice will also depend upon what memories you want to store on these designs. Match the designs with the events, or choose something like- neutrals, or flower backgrounds, etc. Choose your patterned paper from a variety of patterned papers. Go for floral or cute girly patterns or chose Christmas themes or some neutrals whatever you wish!!

Sticking tools:

You need some good sticking tools like glue and some funky adhesives too!! Glue stick pens are a good choice because they give convenience and provide a good sticking adhesive. Glitter glues can also be used to give a nice look to your scrapbook after all, “creativity is intelligence, have fun.” You can also opt for glue dots. This helps keep your pictures from the extra glue and the mess that it creates. It prevents your pictures from getting spoiled because of glue. Check out the products to buy some amazing products at the most reasonable prices.


 A scrapbook is not only about pictures but also includes some doodling, some penning down of important moments, and some nice labeling that will be remembered forever. You should opt for water-proof and fade-proof pens for your scrapbook. ' Some nice glitter pens can enhance your scrapbooks and make them look more fun and interesting. Permanent fabric marker pens of different colors will give a neat effect on your scrapbooking ideas. Use this link to choose the best pen. 

Cutting tools:

Hahaha!! Are you astounded to hear ‘cutting tools’? No, I don’t mean pliers, cutting jaw, etc. I mean to say you need a good pair of scissors, a trimmer and maybe a paper-knife just for your scrapbook!! These tools are essential, we all know that. But the good quality of scissors, trimmers, and paper-knife is an inevitable thing. From simple scissors to Duck-bill appliqué scissors and from paper punch to circle cutters, and hey, don’t forget to check the detail knife, It is all available here on one site Save Dollars Store!! Check this link and you will get a variety of tools!!


Embellishments are the ultimate thing you might need when you are making your scrapbook. These may be in the form of small stickers, or tags, journaling cards, borders, patch flowers, and whatnot!! At Save Dollars Store, we have some amazing options to choose from- ribbons, decorative mirrors, trinkets, craft bells, sequins, and so much more is just available here. Get your hands on these amazing embellishments and soar your creative skills high. Remember what Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” So get, set, and drown yourself in the world of beauty and creativity!!

Albums and Keepsakes:

Of course, you will want to store your precious moments in the best possible way. That is what you have been working on, isn’t it? You want to keep them away from bugs, and not want the precious papers to wear out, get spoiled, or from becoming yellow. Keep them in leather cases. Click on this link to choose from a variety of keepsake boxes, keepsake envelopes, or the keepsake book that comes in various designs.

Page Protectors:

Page protectors are inevitable when you decide to keep your scrapbook for years to come. Of course, it has all your precious memories and so it is natural that you will want to keep them protected. Each page of your scrapbook needs special attention and you should carefully add page protectors so that each page is protected from bugs, unwanted harm from the environment, or spillage of food and drinks when you are casually flipping the pages of your scrapbook. So choose from several page protectors from this link. You can choose one with the appropriate size that fits the pages of your scrapbook well.

Crafting tools:

You can add so many fun ideas to your scrapbook. There are options galore at Save Dollars Store. However, I would personally recommend you not to overdo it. You should do some decorations but certainly not fill each page with too much craft. Choose something subtle and something that will go along with your theme. You can opt for stickers like wedding doves, happily ever after, etc. Or you can select from banners. They might be used in the form of arrows and , or  tags, etc. You can also add classy and stylish bows to your scrapbook by shopping bow-makers. Last but not the least, you can choose to add some sequins that will bring shine and better finishing touches to your scrapbook. Click to choose from a variety of sequins.          

So, with so many interesting tools at your hand, you can get yourself going for some nice and interesting scrapbooks. Make memories and then store those precious memories in your scrapbook. Use your creativity with some amazing ideas. So hurry up, don’t wait, just get going!!