The Most Realistic Flameless Candles - Luminara Candles

Luminara Candles – all the beauty and ardor of real candles without any risk or concern!

Luminara candles offer the impression of lighting a candle in your home, without having to worry about real fire. These real flame-effect candles provide the ambiance you're looking for and can be used over and over again.These candles can bring magic to any room! These are perfect not only for home decor but also for indoor or outdoor events.

Luminaracandles use the patented moving flame technology as they flicker, dance, and sway just like a real candle would.These flameless candles are easy to operate and they come with an optional remote, creating instant ambiance around. You can also set a timer so they will shut off automatically.

If you have children or pets at home, Luminara candles are a safer option.

Looking for the perfect Luminara candles for your home? We have got you covered! At Save Dollar Stores, we have a startling collection of Luminara flameless candles, LED candles, battery operated candles, remote control candles that you will love. Let’s go over all of the amazing styles of Luminara candles so you can find the perfect fit for your abode.

Luminara Flameless Candle:

Luminara flameless candle is a perfect and attractive choice for a romantic evening. Itlooks attractive in any corner. With a realistic flame flicker and vanilla scent, this candle is perfect for mantels, centerpieces, and more. Thisremote-controlcandle ishassle-free and safe to use.With wide applications and easy timer controls, the candle is sure to enhance the look of home décor.

Flameless LED Taper Candle:

With realistic wax look, these artificial LED candles are safer than real candles. Giving a realistic appearance, the candle will let you create a perfect environment. Each candle is battery operated and the bulb flickers just like a real candle! The candle creates a similar light pattern, giving you a visual delight.

Luminara Moving Flame Candle with Timer:

This vanilla scented Luminara candle has a moving flame, with a timer feature. Just like a real wax candle, the light glows and dances with a flickering effect. Highly durable and with included batteries, the vanilla scented ivory candle is an ideal product for decoration, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Darice Luminara Flameless Pillar Candle with Seashells:

 The flameless Luminara pillarcandle complements beachy decor while you enjoy the beauty and romance of a real candle without worry. The candle comes in a functional design and has an attractive look. It creates a perfect environment and easily goes to festivals and other occasions. The unscented option is perfect for sensitive noses.

Luminara Unscented Moving Flame Candle with Timer:

Perfect for centerpieces, mantles, tablescapes, and holiday displays, this ivory flameless candle is perfect for mantels, centerpieces and more.With a realistic flame flicker,it makes a perfect substitute for real candles and is absolutely flameless. Even with kids and pets around, you don’t have to worry about fire hazards.

Luminara Flameless Cone Shaped Candle:

With a realistic flame flicker, this Darice Luminara flameless candle is shaped like a pine cone and is perfect for mantels, centerpieces, holiday decor and more. Being durable, it can be ideal for holidays. Made of unscented, authentic and sturdy wax, it does not drip. Featuring silver accents, the candle has a rustic look which makes it perfect for winter and fall.

Luminara candles add a lovely ambiance to your abode! These realistic looking, flameless candles even make great gifts. If you are looking for the absolute best quality and best looking flameless candles, then these are the ones for you!