Art and Crafts Fathers Day

Make Some Special Art & Craft on this Fathers Day

Father’s Day – a day that celebrates the role of fathers and father figures in our lives and society. A day that reminds us about the significance and challenges of fatherhood. A day as special as this should not be let go just like that!

Though things have been different since last year owing to pandemic, don’t let it stop you from making it memorable for your father. After all, they are always behind the scenes making sure you get everything you need. Whether you are with your dad right now or not, Father’s Day is perfect to show him what he means to you. While the nation is slowly getting back to pre-pandemic routines, there are plenty of things you can do to make your dad feel great on his day. Take him on an adventurous road trip or just have a cozy fun game night! Either way, he’d feel loved and appreciated!

However, narrowing down father’s day gifts to the ones who gave you everything isn’t a cakewalk. Maybe this time you could go the extra mile by creating a token of gratitude! After all, the effort and care that go into making a handmade gift are always appreciated.

Sounds fun?

Here, we have listed out some of the cool father’s day gift ideas for you:

Best Friend Day

DIY Greeting Card: 

Instead of giving a store-bought greeting card, create a unique DIY card for him. Nothing beats a handmade card crafted out of unconditional love. A simple card with a little art is not difficult and won’t take much time. You can also go with a funny tagline that won’t demand any artistic expertise. You’ll easily find online a lot of father’s day card ideas for kids with detailed tips and instructions. Then, all you need are colorful paper, pencils, stencils, paints, etc. You may even design a unique envelope, making it more special.

DIY Photo Frame

DIY Photo Frame:

Memories cannot be replaced with anything. One thing which keeps our memories alive is photos. But, giving your father a framed picture of you guys together is a bit old-fashioned. A DIY photo frame symbolizes everything your dad stands for: Love, Strength, and Support. Creating a photo frame is a fun and budget-friendly task that you can complete in no time. So, pick up all your supplies like cardboard, paper, glue stick, stickers, etc., and surprise him. Decorate the frame with paints, gems, buttons, etc. Instead of a photo, maybe you can draw his portrait to add a personal touch to the father’s day gifts.

Hand Painted T Shirt

Hand painted T-Shirt

Before you resort to buying a t-shirt, how about a hand painted one for dad? Easy to make and super practical, flatter your father with a t-shirt that’s done in just a few steps. Simply grab your supplies like cotton t-shirt, paint brush, washi tape, paint palette, cardboard, wax paper, etc. and you’re good to go! Or maybe you can ink a handprint on top!

Photo Coasters

Personalized Photo Coasters

One of the creative ways to get your favorite snaps off of your camera roll and on display is photo coasters. In the living room, kitchen or office, dad can always use an extra coaster. Why not gift him some with extra meaning? You can customize coasters for your dad. Use photos from his favorite vacation spots or family gatherings. It would make another cool and highly functional gift a dad is sure to love!

Color Coffe Mugs

Colorful Coffee Mugs

The adorable hand painted mugs are the perfect DIY gifts for dad. His morning coffee will taste even better if he drinks it from the mug painted by his kiddo! We can’t emphasize how easy this craft is. You would need a white ceramic mug, stencils, and painter pens. Follow any tutorial to make a DIY colorful mug any dad is sure to love!

Glass Bottles

Etched Glass Bottles

Some glass bottles are too pretty to toss into the bin. Instead of dumping them, etch glass bottles to give away as a great gift. Simply put your dad’s name on a glass water bottle and you have a perfect personalized gift for him! You would need a glass bottle, stencils, etching cream, or a small paint brush!

DIY Paper Weights

DIY Paperweights

It’s so easy to create DIY paperweights. All you have to do is hunt for and find the perfect rock. Grab your supplies like acrylic paint, paint brush, colors, and paint the rock in his favorite color. Use a permanent marker to write his name. Get creative; add a little glitter, stickers, etc. Wrap up your gift using colorful paper and ribbon, and these cute paperweights would definitely make it to his desk.

DIY Trophy

DIY Trophy

Up for a challenge? How about a World’s Best Dad trophy? Unleash your creativity, follow any tutorial, with just a few supplies: paper or cup, marker, glue, scissors, paintbrush, etc., you’ll create a treasured keepsake.

Fathers Day Activity Jar

Father’s Day Activity Jar

The best gift you could ever give your dad on Father’s Day is quality family time. Complete this special day with a few fun activities. Take a Mason jar, paper, some twine and you could put together a cute activity jar. Or you can create a jar full of your favorite things about him. You can even etch these jars, fill them with treats or cookies, and attach a fun label for him.

There are a lot of other father’s day craft ideas you can go for. With the right supplies, you can create amazing handmade gifts without leaving the comfort of your own home. Get all your supplies at the lowest possible cost from Save Dollar Stores ship straight to your door, fast. What’s more, we offer FREE SHIPPING to all 48 contiguous US states.

Wishing all fathers and father figures out there a Happy Father’s Day!